Foul-Release Systems

Foul-Release Systems

Marine Foul Release from QEP Marine

As a marine foul release specialist, QEP Marine is proud to offer several excellent foul release solutions for marine vessels, including Propspeed and Lightspeed. Each foul release coating is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain copper, tin or other toxic substances that cause harm to marine life. Lightspeed and Propspeed foul release marine coating products are also long-lasting. Depending on the marine environment your boat is moored in, the frequency of use and the temperature of the water, both foul release coatings can last at least a year.

Propspeed Foul Release − More Speed, Less Fuel

Propspeed foul release is the original propeller and running gear foul release coating system, specifically formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.

Our range of Propspeed foul release marine coating products includes:

Lightspeed Foul Release Boating Products for Improved Light

Lightspeed is the first transparent foul release coating specifically developed for underwater lights. Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating environmental conditions that favour marine growth. This clear foul release system will not only protect your lights, but will improve their luminosity by increasing the organisation of emitted light and decreasing light scatter. Perfect for boats in Queensland, New South Wales and Australia wide.

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